By now, most desk jockeys have settled into a routine of working from home at least a few days a week. This set-up has seemingly endless perks—the exact coffee you like, no soul-sucking morning commute, your bed just a few steps away should you need a closed-eye, erm, brainstorming session.

But for as idyllic as the at-home workplace may seem, sometimes it can feel stale. You realize you haven’t seen the sun in 18 hours, you haven’t spoken to anyone but your dog since Tuesday, and you’re wearing the same sweats you were wearing yesterday—and the day before yesterday. Whether you’re a corporate nine-to-fiver who craves a little more collaboration or an entrepreneur in need of a home base, find what you’re looking for among our favorite Denver coworking spaces.

The Process

Members write quantifiable goals on the chalkboard at the beginning of sprint sessions at the Process. Photo courtesy of the Process

Best for: Those who need accountability

Don’t expect to slip in and out of this coworking hub unnoticed. The Process is set apart by its format, one that encourages accountability and connection. When you enter this sunlight-filled, second-story space accented with orange, you’ll receive a name tag and a brief tour, as well a rundown of how your session will unfold: Rather than spend your whole day parked on the couch, the Process is meant to be treated like a workout class, says founder Paul Shirley.

Choose between a sprint (one-hour) or extended (two-hour) session, then narrow your day’s focus to one or two mentally demanding tasks—you know that one item on your to-do list you keep pushing to tomorrow? In the sprint sessions, you’ll share these to-do’s with the group by writing them on the chalkboard and then evaluating your progress with a team member at the end of the hour. For the extended session, you’ll jump right into your to-do list until the bell rings. Then, you’ll spend 30 minutes in a small group with other members answering reflection questions. All the chit-chat isn’t just a social hour, it’s designed to help people understand what they can accomplish in a given time block. “The only way to get behavior change is to draw awareness to the results of the behavior,” Shirley says. 1060 Bannock St., Ste. 200


Best for: Those who work hard, play hard

This one’s for all the extroverts withering away at home—you’ll find your people at Park. Situated just a two-minute stroll from Washington Park, this coworking spot is set apart by its packed programming schedule. Between work blocks, fill your cup at rooftop comedy shows, pup happy hours, communal yoga classes, and surprise birthday parties.

But lest you confuse it with a freshmen dormitory, Park also serves up all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from a modern office: wicked-fast Wi-Fi, on-site tech support, 24/7 printer access, and conference rooms and phone booths galore. Choose between the communal coworking lounges, a dedicated office space, or private conference rooms to find your work zen, then reward yourself at the ice cream social. 1040 S Gaylord St.

Green Spaces

Inside the coworking space at Green Spaces. Photo by Divine Ramazani

Best for: The eco-conscious creatives

Don’t just call it a “coworking space.” This community hub offers way more than a dedicated desk. Located in the heart of Denver’s Art District, Green Spaces is designed to help artists, small businesses, nonprofits, and solopreneurs flourish (pun intended) in an urban oasis filled with fiddle-leaf fig trees, snake plants, and devil’s ivy. Showcase your artwork in the gallery alongside other local creators, rent out the cyclorama wall to bring your photographic vision to fruition, or show off your wares inside the newly opened marketplace, where local artisans can introduce their products to the public in an affordable retail space. There’s plenty of table real estate, too, for the desk goblins who are simply looking for an inviting atmosphere to crank out their emails. Plus, your productivity should skyrocket with all the extra oxygen in this plant-filled paradise. 2590 Walnut St.

Tradecraft Industries

Best for: Hands-on hard workers

You won’t find any pingpong tables or massage rooms here. This no-frills (but mega-functional) coworking space made for construction industry professionals prioritizes practicality. “There are probably no skinny jeans or lattes,” Bryce Ballew told 5280 back when Tradecraft opened in 2017. Come dressed in your blue-collar best and collaborate with other craftsmen and contractors in the area, steel-toed boots not required.

Beyond private offices and estimating rooms for confidential bidding negotiations, Tradecraft also offers massive, rentable shipping containers for storage, access to a 30-yard dumpster to dispose of building materials, and trailer parking. Contractors know the ebb and flow of demand in the industry, and Tradecraft’s membership options allow small businesses to expand or contract as necessary. And if you’re ever looking for a second opinion, Director of First Impressions Mack, a happy-go-lucky Labrador, is always willing to lend a paw. 6145 Broadway

Shift Workspaces

Shift Workspace’s second outpost is located in the 22,000-square-foot former Fistell’s Electronics warehouse in the Golden Triangle. Photo courtesy of Purple Pointe Photography

Best for: The antsy employee

Can’t sit in one spot? Welcome to Shift, a Denver coworking titan transforming your run-of-the-mill workday routine. Each of the three locations—in Littleton, Capitol Hill, and Speer—includes a slew of serene spots to tackle your agenda, so you can move through its indoor-outdoor floorplan as you check off tasks. Start your day in a private office working through your most demanding to-do’s, and then swing by the kitchen to catch up with your fellow coworking colleagues over a cup of coffee. Snag a conference room for your afternoon team meeting, slip out for a complimentary midday massage, and wrap up your workday cleaning out your inbox on the Littleton location’s rooftop deck (just double-check for typos if you’re indulging in the free beer).

“We see people work in four or five different locations a day,” founder Grant Barnhill told 5280 when his second location opened in 2016. Each location is dressed up differently with trendy, industrial-chic design choices (think: lots of wood and metal mixed with elegant chandeliers and funky wallpaper), so you may just have to visit each outpost to find your dream vibe. 2679 W Main St., Littleton; 1001 Bannock St.; 383 N Corona St.

Alchemy Creative Workspace

Best for: Those who don’t want to trek Downtown

Half the joy of remote work is eliminating the daily schlep, so if you want all the perks of office life without the hellish commute, consider Alchemy Creative Workspace. This option sits comfortably between Baker and West Washington Park, far, far away from the madness of LoDo, but just as luxurious as something you might find on Larimer Street. Soaring ceilings, minimalist design with lots of glass, modern finishes, and an endless supply of complimentary coffee, tea, kombucha, and seltzer make this space feel like a big-city start-up, but bookable offices allow for more solitude than a communal table (though they have those, too). Perk of springing for a private office suite? Your canine officemate can come along. Who needs Downtown? 66 South Logan St.

Jessica Giles
Jessica Giles
Jessica is a senior associate editor on 5280's digital team.