Women have a special relationship with our shoes.

If you have a Y chromosome, the explanation is probably a lost cause. Still, the Museum of Contemporary Art invites all takers to “step out like Imelda” for the Shoe Ball, Thursday night at a private residence in the Polo Grounds. Partygoers can win awards given by event chairs Kristina Baker, Kim Chanin, Holly Kylberg and Sarah Magness for the best shoes in several dubious categories, including “best shoes for an MCA art-boot-camp-trip,” “best shoes for the Venice Biennale,” “best shoes for meeting a famous artist,” and my personal fave, “best to walk the walk of shame after an all night art party.”

They’ll have “lucky tickets” on sale for the possible bargain price of $250, which could lead to winning one of 50 works of art by 50 different art stars ranging from clothing desinger Gabriel Conroy to jewelry designer Lovedy Barbatelli.

Regular tickets are $75 or $60 for museum members, which is surely less that what you’ll spend on those fabulous shoes you’ll have to run out and buy today if you plan to make an appearance.