Nestled into a discreet corner of the Superior Marketplace, lies one of the best-kept secrets for fans of Osaka-style Japanese cuisine. Sushi Yoshi, run by Sushi Tora alum Yoshi Shiuchi, has been open for more than six years but it’s so well hidden I’ve driven by countless times without ever noticing it. My loss.

It was a reader who urged me to seek out the spot. And, after finally finding the entrance, I pulled in for dinner and discovered a treasure of a restaurant that delivers dishes loaded with fresh, authentic flavor and beautiful technique.

There’s a full menu to choose from but the bento boxes are favorites. Choose from Kame or Tsuru for dinner and Chidori or Taka for lunch. I opted for the sushi-focused Kame (pictured) and was delighted; the rice was spot-on, the sushi rolled tight, and the flavors, textures, and colors satisfied from the appetizer to the green tea ice cream dessert.

Each building block of Sushi Yoshi’s menu is made from scratch—from the soy sauce to the base of the stunningly rich miso soup. This meticulous attention to detail allows a full-bodied balance of flavor to shine through in every dish. As the saying goes, good things come in small packages and the tiny Sushi Yoshi is no exception.

406 Center Dr., Superior, 720-304-0300