OK, let’s face it. Sunday sucked. But not just because our team lost.

A group of my friends had tried to organize a large posse to watch the Broncos, and several of my friends are still pissed at Govnr’s Park about it. See, we had called in advance to ask about making a table reservation for the big game. They told us that only a few table were reservable — all taken already — and the rest of the place was first come, first served. So naturally when hubby and his die-hard pals trotted over there at the crack of dawn on Sunday to get a table (OK, mid-morning, but still, very early) they were rightfully offended to hear that every last table was now being held for reservations.

That kind of stuff really bugs me. Gov’s just slid waaaaay down my list of favored spots.

We ended up, predictably, back in our neighborhood at The Spot, but since it’s a small place our big group went off in separate directions by gametime. Some went to Choppers in Cherry Creek. (Pretty solid choice, right?) Others went down to Sobo 151, a Czech karaoke and pool hall hangout on Broadway. (Not such a solid choice, I’m thinking?) I was left wondering where everyone else went.

So, my question to you is, what’s the best sports bar in town, and why? Obviously sports, and sports bars, are not my personal specialty, so I’d love some input on what I’m missing elsewhere. We do need to start thinking about those SuperBowl plans.

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