Congresswoman Betsy Markey is among the many Democrats facing serious threats for their votes in favor of the sweeping health-care-reform law signed by the president this week. The worries prompted her office to contact Fort Collins police to ask them to step up patrols as a precaution.

Moreover, there are heightened fears of retaliation in Washington, D.C., says Anne Caprara, who works in Markey’s office there.

“There’s definitely a lot of concern up here that something’s going to happen,” Caprara tells Fox 31.

As Politico reports, “incidents are sprouting up all over the country,” including cut gas lines and the posting of family members’ addresses, as well as direct death threats and messages promising violence. The FBI is investigating the threats and attacks thanks to the concerns of U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, according to Reuters.

Democrats have asked Republicans to turn down their rhetoric, including 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who used Twitter to urge supporters, “Don’t Retreat, Instead—RELOAD.”

Meanwhile, Fox 21 in Colorado Springs reports that that El Paso County Democratic Party executive director Christy LeLait supports a statewide effort to recall state Attorney General John Suthers in response to his lawsuit against the new health-care reform.