Although Democrat Betsy Markey represents the mostly conservative Fourth Congressional District, where things used to be going well for Republican Marilyn Musgrave, she hasn’t shied away from the red-hot debate over proposed changes to labor law.

And although, as Politico notes, “there’s no shortage of Republicans who are eager to challenge her in 2010,” Markey is a co-sponsor of the controversial Employee Free Choice Act, which is supported by big labor unions and opposed by big business.

Just 6 percent of workers in Markey’s district are unionized, about half the national average, and the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Collins is lobbying her to shoot down the measure, but she’s sticking to her campaign guns.

Meanwhile, according to Logistics Management, which covers the trucking industry, the fate of the legislation will probably be decided by four fence-sitting senators, including Colorado’s Michael Bennet, a Democrat. And AlterNet wonders, “Can Unions Win Without the Employee Free Choice Act?”