The Social Security Administration would like you to know there is a new e-mail scam going around.

The subject of the e-mail is “Cost-of-Living for 2007 Update.”….The e-mail talks about the 3.3 percent cost of living increase in 2007 and also said that the administration needs the recipient to update their personal information. “If this is not completed by Nov. 11, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely,” the e-mail says.

Here’s the problem if you click on the link included in the e-mail: You will be directed to a website that resembles that of the Social Security Administration, where you will be asked to provide your social security number and bank account information .

“I am outraged that someone would target an unsuspecting public in this manner,” said Jo Anne Barnhart, commissioner of Social Security. “I have asked the Inspector General to use all the resources at his command to find and prosecute whoever is perpetrating this fraud.”

Let’s hope they find the perps fast.