The Denver Police are warning motorists to watch out for police impersonators. That’s good to know, but if a man in a white car has a badge and motions you to pull over, how do you know he’s an impersonator? What if it’s the real thing and you end up in a police chase because you refuse to stop? Fortunately, the DPD has a press release today with instructions:

Motorists are once again reminded to drive with their doors locked and if they are pulled over and they do not believe that it is a legitimate officer they should not hesitate to call 911. Feel free to motion to the (possible) officer to acknowledge the fact that you do see them, and continue to an occupied business such as gas station, 7-11 etc. In addition, you do not need to roll your windows down completely until you are certain that anyone approaching your vehicle is truly a police officer. Ask to see a police I.D in addition to just seeing a badge, these can be purchased anywhere. A true officer will not be offended, especially if they are in an unmarked car, and without a full uniform.