Looking to shake up your yoga routine? Try equestrian yoga. Yes, just as it sounds, the activity combines the two disciplines. Once in the saddle, riders—both novices and experts can participate—perform rhythmic breathing exercises plus a series of traditional stretches, twists, and arches that will challenge even the most seasoned yogi when the horse is moving. Half-moon pose will never be the same.


Ashva Yoga

Where: Two Hawks Ranch, Larkspur

When: Monthly classes

Price: $30 on your own horse; ride a ranch horse for an extra $15



Equestrian Yoga and Yoga with Horses:
Workshop with Kerry Borcherding

Where: Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton

When: August 25

Price: $125



Experience Yoga and Horses:

Retreat with Tammy Pate and Janice Baxter

Where: The Home Ranch, Clark

When: September 23–29; September 30–October 6

Price: $3,250 plus tax (includes private lodging, twice-a-day equestrian yoga classes, horse rental, a massage, and more)


—Photo courtesy of Richard Cummings