To renovate or not to renovate? That is the question my fiancé and I are currently contemplating. We love our little 1924 bungalow in North Denver, but its limited square footage and disjointed layout aren’t ideal—especially because we have hopes of adding a tiny human or two to our family in the coming years. We’ve talked circles around three options: Stay put and make do with what we have, undergo an extensive (and costly) home renovation, or pack up and move on. These conversations typically end with a befuddled “Let’s table this for now” and a glass of wine.

If you’re in a similar state of limbo, you’ve picked up the right magazine. This Renovation Issue aims to paint a realistic picture of a home remodel in the Mile High City. “Renovation Reality Check”, for example, dives into the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of reviving your domain—and includes an honest account of the not-so-breezy remodel of writer Hilary Masell Oswald’s 1970s Littleton ranch. This issue also highlights several gorgeous home makeovers, from a dated Cherry Hills residence that received a family-friendly refresh to a funky Boulder house reimagined to soak up its panoramic vistas.

I hope the information and inspiration in the following stories helps get you (and me) out of limbo and further along in your renovation decision-making process.