Last year’s wine-on-tap trend—grape juice served directly from the keg—was quickly adopted by spots such as Euclid Hall, Table 6, Jax Fish House, and the Kitchen [Next Door]. Now, the eco-friendly practice (i.e., no difficult-to-recycle glass bottles) gets an at-home spin with Denver-based Bonacquisti Wine Co.’s jug wine. Think beer growler for the vino lover: Purchase a $20 one-liter bottle of Bonacquisti from the Pecos Street tasting room and receive an unlimited number of $12.99 refills. Currently, winemaker Paul Bonacquisti is pouring Vinny No Neck, a velvety Sangiovese, and [d] Red, a robust Shiraz blend. Both wines won silver at the 2011 Colorado Winemaker’s Challenge. Bonus: For a more raucous occasion, Bonacquisti also offers five-liter jugs ($55, plus a refundable $10 deposit). 4640 Pecos St., 303-477-9463,