With the tumultuous 2012 gone, the new year is wide open for an onslaught of history-making news. Here’s what we’re thinking the Centennial State could be reading about by the time next January rolls around.

Colorado’s legislature legalizes civil unions: After suffering a bitter defeat last year, the state’s Democrats are poised to press a civil-union bill again in 2013. And with Dems now controlling both chambers, a renewed civil-union bill seems to be a shoo-in for passage.

Denver gets its third Super Bowl championship: Last year, Denver Broncos executive John Elway lured Peyton Manning to the Mile High City. Now the franchise—and its fans—get the ultimate payoff. Who’s up for a February parade?

Undocumented Colorado students get closer to cheaper tuition: The legislature failed to pass the ASSET bill that would have given lower tuition rates to undocumented students across the state, but Metropolitan State University of Denver stepped out by itself in 2012 to offer its own reduced rates. Expect tuition for undocumented in-state students to be a major topic this year, and watch how quickly the legislature acts to give those immigrants an opportunity for cheaper public university educations in the future.

Colorado (again) becomes a legitimate player in the Winter Olympics game: The United States Olympic Committee passed on a chance to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the state famously turned down the 1976 Winter Games—but that doesn’t mean Colorado couldn’t be part of a 2026 bid. That idea seemed to gain traction last month when Universal Sports Network moved much of its operations from California to Centennial. The network is an Olympic-sports stalwart, and with the Olympic Training Center less than two hours away in Colorado Springs, Colorado could be an Olympics host contender.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.