On most days, I forget to put on makeup. I have one lipstick. I don’t own foundation. In short, I’m not the target audience for LoDo’s newest watering hole, Fluff Bar.

The joint is part salon and part saloon, meaning that you can sip bubbly while getting a blowout before a big night out. The modern, all-white interior looks more like a club than a spot you’d get your hair and makeup done, which is exactly why the concept works. This isn’t a place for a ho-hum haircut; this is the spot to get ready for a big night out.

Which was why I was perched on a stool getting my eye makeup ($25) done last Friday. I had a night of holiday celebrating ahead of me, and I wanted to look, well, dolled up. I was still a little nervous, and swore that if the stylist pulled out fake eyelashes, I’d bolt for the door.

The stylist took a good look at my face and said that she was going to do a natural smoky eye without too much goop (my word, not hers). I almost hugged her. Less than 20 minutes later, she’d done just that. The look was light, but definitely a showstopper. She even gave me tips about applying mascara to my fine lower lid eyelashes. I was hooked: I’m booking an appointment at Fluff Bar before every big night out, because it turns out that I am the target audience.

Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.