There are casual bikers, and then there are those who make it a goal to out-bike everyone on the Cherry Creek Trail. BikeLife Denver, a new publication available online and at bike shops throughout the city, hopes to cater to both ends of the spectrum, plus all the cyclists in between. The magazine is a joint venture between Denver Public Works and Boulder-based BikeLife Cities, which runs similar periodicals in Anchorage, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Mesa, Seattle, Tempe, Tuscon, San Diego County, and, of course, Boulder. Denver, which was boasts more than 100 miles of mutli-use trails, as well as 120 miles of bike lanes, was ranked by Bicycling magazine as the 12th most bike-friendly city in the United States. Considering Colorado’s affinity for the outdoors, not to mention Denver’s 10,000 residents who bike to work every day, the magazine seems a long time coming.

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City staffers, partner organizations, and Denver residents will pen the publication, which will be published quarterly with the goal of increasing information about biking in the city, as well as where to go for all your cycling needs. The spring issue features a pullout bike map, as well as profiles of local bikers, an explainer on how to fix a flat tire, updates in and around the South Platte River trail, and a general guide to what’s new regarding biking in town. Not an avid biker, but hoping to jump on two wheels now that it’s summer? BikeLife is holding a sweepstakes where you can enter to win a public bike, along with a handful of other bike-related prizes.