Hillary’s tied up with appearances in Iowa but she’s sending Bill on her behalf Monday for a Boulder fundraiser.

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to mingle, drink, snack and chat with area residents at a luncheon Monday, said Carolyn Schuham, one of the event hosts….. The Monday gathering will begin at 1:30 p.m. with a small VIP event inside the home of Mary Alyce Driver and Mike Driver. A larger outdoor cocktail and lunch reception will follow at 2 p.m., Schuham said.

Both events come with pricey entrance fees: $500 to get on the lawn, and $2,300 to get inside the house.

The 70 VIP tickets are gone, but there are still a few $500 tickets. President Clinton will also be speaking in Denver Monday morning.

He’s scheduled to give the keynote address at the Aurora A List Luncheon before more than 2,500 people in the Colorado Convention Center that day.

Having attended some of these private house fund-raising parties in the past, I can tell you they are special. You really get a chance to see and hear the candidate up close and personal. You can also ask questions.

All of the candidates will be coming to Colorado at some point. For those who can afford it, I highly recommend attending one for your favorite candidate.