Colorado lawmakers are considering legislation that could set the stage for a so-called “single-payer” health care system, which would be a dramatic change in the way state residents receive and pay for medical care. That’s according to The Associated Press, which writes that “despite the significance of the step, the bill was introduced with little fanfare.”

The measure would create a government regulatory agency that would oversee health care in the state. The proposal comes at an interesting time for former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, a champion of the idea. He’ll be in Boulder next month to speak about health care reform, according to the Daily Camera.

Meanwhile, a bill that sought to extend parents’ health coverage to adult children up to the age of 30 (up from 25) was killed in a panel by its sponsor, Representative Anne McGihon, a Democrat for the Denver area’s House District 3, according to the Denver Business Journal.

In other health care news, Veterans Affairs will break ground on a new medical center in Aurora later this year, a culmination of 10 years’ of negotiations, according to 9News.