Governor Bill Ritter focused on jobs, helping families, expanding health care, and improving transportation and schools during his annual State of the State address to Colorado lawmakers at the state capitol yesterday. But he also said the state must cut millions of dollars from the budget, according to the Denver Business Journal, and “everything will be on the table.” Ritter hopes tens of thousands of jobs can be created, particularly in transportation, as he seeks about $1.4 billion in federal funding for 160 transportation projects around the state. The Denver Post describes Ritter’s 33-minute address as “sobering,” noting a budget shortfall of up to $604 million in the fiscal year ending in June and another $385 million “hole in the budget” as of July. One area sure to be on the chopping block is higher education, predicts state Representative Jack Pommer, a Boulder Democrat, according to the Broomfield Enterprise. At least the state’s corrections chief, Ari Zavaras, was in a good mood. He sat next to plucky state GOP chairman Dick Wadhams, joking that he was watching Wadhams to “make sure he doesn’t throw any shoes,” according to PolitickerCO.