Denver’s interim mayor has promised not to enter the crowded field of mayoral candidates, but some city dwellers are set on applying friendly pressure to change Bill Vidal’s mind. Railroad liability consultant John Harms is circulating a petition and letter addressed to Governor John Hickenlooper—who disagreed publicly with Vidal about his possible candidacy—hoping to pave the way for Vidal to run, reports Westword.

While he may be popular in Denver, Vidal’s desire to improve the city’s roads isn’t making him any new friends in neighboring Boulder. Pointing to what he considers various safety issues, Vidal has asked the Denver Regional Council of Governments to ax millions of dollars in funding for six Boulder and Boulder County transit projects—from pathway improvements to expanded bus service, notes the Daily Camera. Boulder officials learned of the request after other partner cities, leaving county Commissioner Will Toor confused and commenting that, historically, Denver and Boulder have “been allies in most issues.” Boulder City Councilwoman Liza Morzel is more blunt: “I can’t accept being blindsided.”