Colby June Fulton knows that in Colorado, you’re never too far from nature. So when the Carbondale-based jewelry designer sat down to dream up her Fall 2015 collection, she found inspiration, yet again, outdoors.

While the designer is no stranger to organic muses (past collections have focused on dried leaves found near her Mt. Sopris residence, or bits of coral from Maui, where she lived for a short time), Colby June’s newest creation, Wing Collection, strives to communicate the spirit, just as much as the form, of the animal that inspired it. With the simple shape of a bird’s wing as a starting point for the designs, it was actually the ethos of certain birds of prey, like the hawk or the raven, that determined the mood of the collection. In other words, you’ll find no bird-brained daintiness here.

“We felt like the collection as a whole was really empowering,” Fulton says. The designer’s preferred materials—bronze, silver, and 14K gold—take center stage, but are offset, on occasion, by the deep inkiness of black onyx stones. Marrying organic textures with an overall minimalist design, Wing Collection manages to dispel any idea of birdlike fragility. This is a collection for a woman as elegant—and as tough—as a hawk.

The collection, which is now available for purchase at the artist’s studio in Carbondale and at the Aspen Market, will be also be made available on the Colby June Etsy store and at select retailers beginning July 1.