In May, with summer weather on the horizon, we highlighted five pairs of sunglasses for the season, manufactured by four different Mountain West companies. Three of those companies are based right here in Colorado. And now one of those—Boulder-based Zeal Optics—recently announced it will expand beyond the Centennial State.

Zeal Optics is going global: The boutique company, which produces a variety of sunglasses and ski goggles, is expanding to Canada, Europe, and Australia. “ZEAL’s growth has been exponential,” says John Sanchez, president of ZEAL Optics. “The quality and craftsmanship that all the pieces have are a testament to the passion the team has for perfection and continued advancements.” Such recent advancements include a new line of goggles fitted with an HD camera, called the ZEAL iON. (Watch the snazzy, high-tech footage here.) Of course, we’re all for supporting small local companies with our wallets, and it’s nice to see those businesses expand beyond the Centennial State.