Broncos fans aren’t at a loss for reasons to be excited. Last week, seemingly with ease, Peyton Manning zipped passes through the thin air to dismantle one of the league’s top defenses. Manning looked healthy—peppy, even. Little wonder that Broncos fans are jazzed for tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. And what better to complement the jubilant atmosphere surrounding the Broncos season than news of a new bar inside Sports Authority Field.

The Tavern Hospitality Group, a Denver company responsible for popular joints like Tavern Wash Park, Tavern Uptown, and Soiled Dove Underground (read more about the company here), has announced it will open two new locations, one inside the Broncos stadium (Tavern Mile High) and the other on Old South Pearl Street in the former India’s Pearl spot (Tavern Platt Park). “Tavern Mile High is a unique opportunity for us to solidify our brand,” says Frank Schultz, owner of the Taverns. “The Broncos were interested in adding a local feel to the stadium; they didn’t want a cookie cutter ‘chain’ restaurant. We were born and bred in Colorado.”

The Sports Authority Field location, which will only serve beverages, will open for next week’s Broncos home game against the Houston Texans. Schultz plans to break ground on the South Pearl location in October or November and open Tavern Platt Park sometime next summer. “Being in the Platt Park area has been a goal of ours for a while,” Schultz says. “It’s a vibrant yet quaint neighborhood, which we feel is a great fit for our concept. We’ve met numerous times with the neighbors and have gotten such an amazing and positive response from them. I think it’s going to be a great addition to our Tavern family.”