Six months ago Denverites swooned over the news that Trader Joe’s was coming to Colorado—until word got out that the popular grocery store was headed to Boulder, not Denver. Not long after that announcement, however, the trendy chain also said it had plans to open a Denver store near the corner of East Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Denverites could once again rest easy. What’s more, word spread that because of Colorado’s wonky liquor laws, the Mile High City version of Trader Joe’s would sell liquor (Trader Joe’s so-called Two Buck Chuck wine is quite popular), but the Boulder outpost would not.

Now comes the latest installment in the Trader Joe’s Colorado saga: Reports indicate that construction has started at the Denver location, but has yet to commence in Boulder—which means that the Denver store may, in fact, open before the one in Boulder. The rub? The Boulder spot was announced as the first in Colorado. Phew, got all that? Who would have thought a grocery store could create so much buzz? (Although, now that we think of it, Denverites in the same Congress Park ‘hood are barely finished buzzing over Wal-Mart.) Nevertheless, we look forward to seeing Trader Joe’s in Denver and Boulder sometime toward the end of the year.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock