A Denver businessman has been arrested at a Minnesota hotel and charged with beheading a duck.

According to a police report, Scott D. Clark, a guest at the Embassy Suites Hotel in St. Paul, cornered the duck early Saturday, grabbed the bird and “ripped its head from its body” while a hotel security guard and others watched. Clark then turned to onlookers and said: “I’m hungry. I’m gonna eat it,” said St. Paul police Sgt. John Wuorinen, citing the police report. “He was allegedly drunk,” Wuorinen said.

The animal rights people are criticizing Embassy Suites for having ducks in the lobby in the first place, arguing the hotel is putting the ducks at risk of being stepped on or run over by a suitcase. They say the hotel should switch from keeping ducks to fish. What’s to stop someone from reaching into a fish tank and tearing apart a fish? I don’t think it’s a safety issue, just an unfortunate, unpredictably bizarre and hopefully singular, isolated incident. Clark faces up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine.