If you’re in the market for lightweight theatrical eye candy, head down to the DCPA through July 23. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I went to the opening night of the touring musical Bombay Dreams last night at the Buell Theatre. The play is based on the Bollywood film industry, India’s uber-prolific answer to Hollywood, known for over-the-top, lavish musicals, which pack romance, action, music, drama, and comedy into each lengthy, visually dense production.

I’m somewhat familiar with Bollywood films, so I wasn’t surprised that Bombay Dreams follows much of the same direction, style-wise. But I did find myself daydreaming often during the play, such as when the busy-but-vacuous dialogue rambled on and on, or when too many characters chattered at once and I couldn’t understand a single line from any of them. Granted, I didn’t miss anything by spacing out; it’s your basic Good Guy Saves Day, Gets Girl plot that doesn’t require any sort of close attention. And though the dance numbers feature gorgeous costumes and high-energy choreography (Bombay cardio class, anyone?) it seemed to fizzle into nothing more than a pretty display. So colorful! So fun to watch! So much going on at once! So… when is this thing over anyway?

Maybe I’ve just got too many work projects on my plate — a strong possibility this week — but I didn’t much enjoy Bombay Dreams, or my short-attention-span daydreams.