I’ve been eating well this week. As part of Denver Restaurant Week, we’ll visit three of Denver’s tastiest spots to take advantage of the special $52.80 (for two, $26.40 for one) menus. There are many more to choose from, but we only have one week; one is a new spot, one is an old favorite, and another is simply a restaurant we’ve heard good things about but have not yet visited.

It started last Saturday. On the 25th the week-long celebration kicked off, and we had dinner at sketch, chef Sean Yontz’s new Cherry Creek bistro. We looked at the pre-fixe menu, but had to order off the regular menu instead; hubby loved his half-pound burger, and I took Yontz’s advice and ordered his favorite item, the pan-fried pork chop. We loved them both, and we also loved the chopped veggie salad, the kama kama oysters, and the wine recommendations from our server. That is, we loved the wine recommendations until we got the bill, and realized that he had suggested the two most expensive wines by the glass on the list ($15 and $17). Still, it’s a great new place, and next time I’ll look at the wine menu myself.

Wednesday night, our next stop is Bistro Vendome. I haven’t eaten there before, so I’m thinking I’ll stick with the pre-fixe menu. Maybe I’ll have the onion soup, the coq au vin, and the chocolate silk tart with peanut butter ice cream (yum!). It even includes a glass of house wine. Friday I’m off for girl’s night out, and we’re going to try the excellent choices at Mizuna, one of my favorite spots. The entire pre-fixe menu sounds divine (perhaps the roasted baby beet salad, duck cassoulet, and vanilla bean creme brulee?), and I’m sure I’ll be trading bites with my gal pals.

Of course, the down side to all this rich food is that I’ll be lucky to fit into my skinny jeans by June. But that’s okay. I’ll take the extra time on the treadmill and be happy for the trade.