Sen. Ken Salazar attends a Senate prayer breakfast every Wednesday. Yesterday, at the Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Salazar was on stage with President Bush and rock star Bono. All had speaking roles.

In his remarks, Salazar, D-Denver, talked of the Roman Catholic faith that has sustained his family for hundreds of years, since they helped establish the New Mexico capital of Santa Fe, which translates as “Holy Faith” from Spanish.

“Over the more than four centuries since that time, my family has sacrificed and endured through war, poverty, death and discrimination,” Salazar said. “Yet during those four centuries, we have survived because of our faith that all of God’s children have within their minds and hearts the ability to create a more perfect and better world with the freedom and intellect endowed upon us by our creator.”

The annual breakfast is non-denominational. The Senate breakfasts are non-partisan.

“I think it’s a safe place away from the poisonous partisanship that you see in Washington, D.C.,” Salazar said. “You sit down with colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, in those breakfasts and recognize in each of us we have to see each other’s humanity and purpose.”

Why was Bono there? To ask that the legislators put their spirituality into practice, by donating services and money to help the poor and afflicted.