The holiday season is approaching fast, and it’s time to start thinking about presents and sprucing up your place for visitors. Here are some new Colorado-related titles that will make great gifts and coffee table books (your guests will need something to do while the turkey roasts).

Local Heroes: Portraits of American Volunteer Firefighters, by Ian Spanier (photos) and Marek Fuchs (text)

This collection of black-and-white and color photos and accompanying mini-essays pays tribute to volunteer firefighters from all over the United States. The stark portraits and tightly written prose honor the tenacious and selfless contributions of men and women who fight fires—including the ever-increasing wildfires like the ones Colorado has suffered through recently. Of the 1.5 million firefighters in the U.S., about three-fourths of them are volunteers. The book recounts why they do it, how they work, and what life is like between infernos at fire stations across the nation.

The Guitar & Amp Sourcebook, by Mike Abbott

Whether you play guitar or just love music, this weighty volume will inspire you to turn your devotion up to 11. Local author and musician Mike Abbott—who’s also the editor of—has compiled an impressive selection of guitars and amplifiers that covers the history of the “axe” from its earliest inception through today. Each glossy page is packed with striking photos of famous guitars (and the guitarists who made them sing), along with technical and biographical tidbits that show just how much variation and innovation goes into each different model. The book also includes historical photos of music greats, amps, and even old concert flyers and posters, which makes this 472-page behemoth a must-have for any student of pop and rock.

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