What if instead of trudging on the treadmill while the snow is a-fallin’ this winter, you chose to strut? North Carolina–based TikTok influencer Allie Bennett has created a stir with her curated playlists designed to help you work that ’mill like a runway—from strut to sprint and back again. By focusing on fun over calories burned or miles run, the routines are ideal for beginners (though they can be easily ratcheted up for more experienced runners), and research shows that people who report feeling happy or energized after a sweat session are more likely to turn exercise into a habit. To help you get in that groove, we put together a 35-minute treadmill workout featuring Centennial State jams that will leave you feeling Rocky Mountain high.

(From left) Photos by: Willie Peterson; Emma Paige; Danny Clinch; Getty Images; Jabari Jacobs; Courtesy of Big Hassle Media; Getty Images

1. “Sunset Bay Cafe” by Adiel Mitchell

Duration: 3:23
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3

2. “Superstar” by Said the Sky x Dabin (featuring Linn)

Duration: 3:26
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.1

3. “You Worry Me” by Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

Duration: 3:34
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.2

4. “Hurricane” by The Fray

Duration: 3:48
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.3

5. “Preacher Man” by The Driver Era

Duration: 3:39
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.4

6. “Run” by OneRepublic

Duration: 2:48
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 4

7. “Boom Boom” by Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Duration: 3:37
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 4.1

8. “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Duration: 3:52
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 4.5

9. “Runner” by Tennis

Duration: 3:37
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.5

10. “Grace” by Marcus Mumford

Duration: 4:14
Pace (Mile Per Hour): 3.2