When hosting a holiday party (or any party, for that matter) there are few things more festive than a bowl of punch. According to Patrick Williams, beverage director of Punch Bowl Social, the communal drink doesn’t have to be something akin to jungle juice. Instead of combining flavored vodka and artificial juices, think about creating a balance of flavor. The following recipe for Royal Hutch Punch does just that.

Named after an inside joke with Punch Bowl’s opening crew, the blend follows a standard guideline: one part sweet, two parts sour, three parts strong (spirit), four parts weak (tea, beer, sparkling wine, or carbonated water), and a little bit of spice.

Note: The above graphic show the generic ingredients used to make the cocktail. Below is the exact recipe that Punch Bowl Social bartenders follow. 

You’ll need:

8 ounces Bacardi 8-year rum

4 ounces St-Germain

4 ounces fresh lime juice

4 ounces simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, simmered then cooled)

12 ounces Teakoe White Tea

8 dashes Fee Brothers peach bitters

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a large serving bowl. Add ice with orange slices and sprigs of mint for garnish. (Serves 8)

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