Perched at 10,000 feet on a cliff with dramatic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the South Platte River, this modern cabin is easy to miss—and that’s exactly how architect Renée del Gaudio wanted it. The 1,600-square-foot home was designed to blend in with the windswept, high-alpine landscape of Fairplay, where it serves as a welcoming family gathering spot. From plywood walls and exposed rafters to steel-bar-grate decking (similar to the surface ski resorts use for outdoor stair treads), the home’s materials evoke “somewhat of a raw and unfinished look that keeps it rustic and low-key,” del Gaudio says. “The gabled roof mimics the vernacular of the area—that old mining-town feel.” To emphasize the connection, the architect chose an ebony stain for the cedar siding “to blend in with the forest and just be really quiet,” she says. “I wanted this cabin to feel like it belongs.” Mission accomplished.