No smoking…. not even in your parked car?

That’s what Boulder’s city manager proposed this week under a sweeping rule that could go into effect later this year and would impact some of the city’s most popular gathering places. The Daily Camera reports that the plan from Jane Brautigam would ban smoking “on the city’s municipal campus downtown,” an area includes Boulder’s Central Park and its farmers’ market. The smoking ban would also extend to parked vehicles, in part, a spokeswoman says, to keep the city’s library parking lots from turning into “smoking lounges.”

The city council won’t vote on the rule, but the Camera reports the city will consider public comments on the issue and then decide whether to move ahead with the ban that would prohibit lighting up in “all outside public space between the east curb line of 13th Street to the east curb line of Ninth Street and between the north curb line of Arapahoe Avenue and the south curb line of Canyon Boulevard.”

Comments can be sent to Ann Large, at the city manager’s office, either by email at or through the mail at City of Boulder, P.O. Box 791, Boulder, CO, 80306. Large can also be contacted by phone at 303-441-3090. The Camera says comments must be received by 5 p.m. on January 24.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock