Boulder County may presumably be home to a healthy number of vegans, but that doesn’t mean the local transportation chief, George Gerstle, will seriously consider PETA‘s saucy proposal to promote veganism while defraying the costs of repaving ruddy roads. To receive the much-needed cash for the road work in unincorporated parts of the county, officials need only stencil one of PETA’s ads on each repaved road, writes the Longmont Daily Times-Call. “The ad features a sexy silhouette of a curvaceous woman holding a sign that reads, ‘Word on the Street: Go Vegan! PETA,'” the organization wrote in a letter to Gerstle last week. PETA says it is earnest about its offer, but Gerstle says he won’t respond to it. The county will conduct a postcard election this week to gauge about 10,000 homeowners’ willingness to help pay for the rehabilitation, which would cost each homeowner about $130 a year for 15 years (via 9News). Some residents in Boulder’s Knollwood community don’t like PETA’s proposal. “I’m against it,” Barry Baer says. “I don’t want to have ads in my street, and I think it’s a safety hazard.”