Colorado as a whole was not kind to John Kerry on Election Day. With 2,928 of 3,086 precincts reporting, President Bush garnered 52.45 percent of Colorado’s votes to John Kerry’s 46.35 percent.

But, take a look at Boulder, Denver, and Pitkin Counties: In Boulder, John Kerry earned a whopping 70 percent of the vote to George Bush’s 29 percent. In Denver and Pitkin (home to Aspen), Kerry got 69 percent of the vote.

And who knew about Costilla County in far southern Colorado? It went 67 percent for Kerry. But Kerry’s biggest percentage win was in San Miguel County, home to Telluride, where he got 72 percent of the vote.

Summit County gave Kerry 59 percent of its votes, while Gilpin and Gunnison Counties gave him 57 percent . Lake awarded Kerry 55 percent and Routt (home to Steamboat Springs) 54 percent. Adams, Clear Creek, Eagle and Pueblo Counties went to Kerry by smaller margins.

The smallest Kerry wins were in Conejos and San Juan Counties where he won by 34 and 37 votes respectively.

The biggest counties for Bush: Washington and Cheyenne with an overwhelming 81 percent for the President, followed by Kowa and Rio Blanco with 80 percent, Lincoln with 78 percent, Baca and Kit Karson with 77 percent and Jackson and Yuma with 76 percent. Many other counties went for Bush with smaller margins.

So what’s the trend? I’m no expert on the demographics of the counties, but I’ve lived here 30 plus years and been to most of them (if only to their courthouses). I’d say the densely populated and higher-end resort towns went for Kerry, as did Boulder with its highly educated voters. The rural, suburban, lower-economic and military-populated counties went for Bush.