Because true gelato has neither stabilizers nor emulsifiers, it must be made fresh in small batches every day. This allows the ingredients’ pure, farm-fresh flavors to come through in every spoonful.

This is exactly what happens when you taste Fior di Latte gelato on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. Guilia De Meo Licht, a native of Venice, and her Colorado-born husband Bryce Licht both lived in Italy for years and learned the gelato process from an Italian master. Then they gathered the best Italian ingredients, (hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily) and moved back to Colorado to put their expertise to work. Initially, they sold scoops at the Boulder Farmers’ Market but now the authentic gelato can be had at the couple’s sleek, newly opened shop.

Fior di Latte (which means “flower of milk”) offers a stunning, ever-changing array of flavors, often including pesca (fresh Colorado peach), bacio (rich chocolate-hazelnut), limone e basilico (a palate cleansing lemon-basil), beurre noisette (savory brown butter), and my personal favorite, yogurt e frutti di bosco (yogurt with wild berries).

Tip: Need a show stopping dessert for your next dinner party? Order the torte gelato, a custom cake layered with gelato, semifreddo, mousse, and liquor-soaked sponge cake, all encased in a shiny coat of mirror glaze.

1433 Pearl St., Boulder, 720-269-4117