Federal Boulevard has long held the crown for the best authentic Mexican food in the metro area—especially when it comes to fare handed over food truck counters. Boulder also has its share of great finds, like the cooking of Ricardo Miramonte, who first served his tacos and breakfast burritos out of La Choza, a tiny roadside stand in North Boulder. It was here, in an old Sinclair gas station parking lot, that legions of college students and whole families would line up for their daily fix.

Thanks to Miramonte’s success, he moved the operation (called La Choza #2) to a storefront on Broadway. The $3 breakfast burritos still reign supreme, especially the plump machacha with fluffy eggs, potatoes, cheese, onion, and shredded beef wrapped in a fresh tortilla. I, however, always order the barbacoa. These heavenly, slow-cooked, smoky meats arrive in tacos (pictured), tortas, and burritos either wrapped or smothered in mild green chile.

Insider’s Tip: Craving the food truck experience? Head to the gravel parking lot hidden just behind La Choza to find a tiny stand called Tacos del Norte run by Pedro Maroquin. Don’t miss the carne asada tacos tucked inside rustic corn tortillas.

4457 Broadway, Boulder, 303-443-3103