It seems Tom Ryan (founder of Smashburger) has no fear of competition. Opening Tossa in the same neighborhood as Pizzeria da Lupo, Pizzeria Basta, and Pizzeria Locale, Ryan boldly stated that his pizzeria would offer Boulder diners something different. Early indications show he has done just that.

Less expensive than the other spots, Tossa offers a nice balance for the consumer: a value-priced, fast-casual menu with quality ingredients such as Kurobuta ham and pearl mozzarella.

Although I’m partial to the more refined pie crusts at Pizzerias da Lupo, Basta, and Locale, the slightly thicker and chewier crust at Tossa is also delicious. The best offering is the mushroom & truffle arugula pizza salad (pictured)—a white pie with mushrooms, Parmesan, mozzarella, aged provolone, basil, arugula, and truffle oil. Other winning dishes include extra cheesy mac and cheese and a robust Italian sausage and roasted pepper panini.

2400 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 720-214-3254