When Tony Hessel took over the role of executive chef at West Flanders Brewing Co., it’s no wonder he decided to shake things up. The old pub menu was badly in need of an update and the owners wisely tapped into Hessel’s considerable experience: He trained in France, cooked in Manhattan and San Francisco, worked the line at the long-shuttered Josephina’s, Tante Louise, and Strings in Denver, and acted as head chef at Boulder’s popular Mediterranean Restaurant and Brasserie Ten Ten. Now, at West Flanders, Hessel serves a strong list of entrées that complement the beer-centric scene.

One such dish is the Tender Belly bacon and Fuji apple fritters with grilled hanger steak, Point Reyes cream sauce, and seared Tuscan kale (to cut the richness of the plate). Order the caramelly St. Mark’s Dubbel beer—the six different malts play perfectly off the dish’s fried and grilled components.

Another don’t-miss item is the brined and roasted maple-cured pork chop with savory Gruyère grits, roasted pearl onions, and sautéed mushrooms.

1125 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-447-2739