rivera-lionelWhether you believe it or not, you’ve probably heard that Valentine’s Day is responsible for the growth and success of the greeting card industry. So it kinda figures that National Underwear Day, which is today, was the invention of the nation’s $13 billion apparel industry. Specifically, it’s the idea of Freshpair underwear company, which for the past six years has staged events like fashion shows in New York City, where male and female models walk runway-style down the sidewalks. The trend finally seems to be spreading into middle America—places like Colorado Springs, where the Gazette newspaper, keen on trends like men favoring briefs and women preferring bikini underwear, asked local politicos what kind of underwear they wear. While Fountain Mayor Jeri Howells and Manitou Springs Mayor Eric Drummond declined comment, Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera and Monument Mayor Travis Easton both admit to wearing boxers. “J.C. Penney boxers,” Rivera (pictured) says. Okay: TMI. Next.