As scrutiny over the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues, Transocean, the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, lashed out at the owner of the well, BP, saying the company is stonewalling an investigation into the disaster by failing to provide documents that would help determine exactly what caused the rig to explode and sink (via CNNMoney). BP hasn’t exactly been a popular brand since the gushing began in April. Now, the local BP office has removed the company logo from its fleet following complaints from employees that they have been harassed at traffic lights, gas stations, and the grocery store, reports The Durango Herald. Vandals have also removed BP’s logo, cutting it out of an awning at the Durango Arts Center. BP is the largest producer of natural gas in Colorado’s La Plata County. Last year, it produced 213.7 billion cubic feet of gas, or 161.2 billion more than the second-largest producer, Samson.