marshall-brandon2Yesterday marked the unofficial start of the Denver Broncos training camp. The biggest question heading into camp was whether disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall would show up.

He did, and he participated in all the workouts and drills, the first activity he’s had with the team since he walked out of an off-season workout program several months ago, asking to be traded and refusing to participate in some mandatory workouts.

So why did he come back?

“Fifteen thousand,” Marshall tells The Denver Post, referring to the more than $15,000 he could be fined for every day of training camp he misses, which he can’t afford.

Marshall wants to renegotiate the more than $2 million he’ll be paid this year, but he has little bargaining power given his troubles off the field and an August 13 trial in Atlanta for battery. Fox Sports says Marshall is going to turn into a distraction similar to Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati, which seems a bit far-fetched.

Back at camp, rookies Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers didn’t report on Monday because they hadn’t yet agreed to contracts, according to The running back and pass rusher’s delayed arrivals could have a lot to do with San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, writes Crabtree, selected 10th in the NFL draft, wants top-5 money, which would impact the contracts of the remaining players.

Only four of the 32 first-round draft picks in the NFL had signed contracts by yesterday morning.