Najibullah Zazi was expected to appear in federal court in Denver today but will instead be transferred to Brooklyn, New York, after being indicted on a charge of trying to detonate a bomb in the United States. (Details of the case are still breaking.) Until now, Zazi, an airport-shuttle driver from Aurora, had only faced a charge of lying to federal investigators during the massive terrorism probe in which he has denied any knowledge, according to The Associated Press. Zazi’s life, and that of his father, Mohammed Zazi, is a media whirlwind that seems to be spiraling out of control. His father, charged with lying to investigators, still appears eligible for release under electronic surveillance but seems to have nowhere to go at the moment. An eviction notice was posted yesterday at the Aurora apartment of the Afghan immigrant family, which is targeted in the FBI probe (via 9News). The lease, according to the landlord, is expiring. Meanwhile, Najibullah’s attorney, Arthur Folsom, is taking heat from Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin, who writes that Folsom will “be long remembered as the lawyer who allowed his client to spend 28 hours talking to the FBI without immunity, without the promise of a deal, with nothing in return. Lawyers lined up to question his wisdom and–off the record–his competence.”