It’s cookout season, when each week brings new opportunities to bike yourself and a six-pack to a potluck grilling party. The good folks at Breckenridge Brewery have invented a way to ease that commute.

The new Topo Urban Outdoor Pack ($140) features a built-in insulated cooler designed for a six-pack’s precise specifications. Not only does it keep your brews cold on a hot summer afternoon, but it’s also detachable and collapsible, so it can double as a lunch tote. And, of course, the pack comes with a bottle-opener—but not just any bottle-opener. This one’s a bar of cold, hard steel that’s custom-made by Machine Era Co.

The pack itself also looks cool, thanks to Topo Designs’ slick styling. Topo makes totes that combine retro outdoor aesthetics with urban function—and the bags are made right here in Denver, in a LEED-certified building. They’ve even figured out how to make a non-dorky fanny pack (which should earn Topo a Nobel Prize, I say). Behold the Mini Hip Pack ($69), which solves the problem of overflowing pockets—but doesn’t accommodate adult beverages (unless you’re packing minis). For grownup-sized bottles, there’s the Urban Outdoor Pack, because full-sized coolers belong with the suburban crowd.

—Image courtesy Breckenridge Brewery.