The city of Aurora has offered $240,000 to settle the multi-million dollar claims of four of Brent J. Brents’ victims against the Police Department of Aurora and Arapahoe County. Three of the claims are from sexual assault victims, one is from Tiffany Engle, the apartment manager that Brents brutally assaulted and nearly killed in mid-February 2005. The victims have reportedly agreed to split the settlement in four equal $60,000 amounts. “I’m pleased with the sincere effort of the city of Aurora,â€? says Engle, responding to the offered settlement and the sensitivity with which the city has responded to the situation. An official announcement from the city of Aurora is expected in the next three to four days. Brents, an ex-con who was released from prison in 2004, went on a rampage through the city of Denver in February 2005, sexually assaulting at least five women and three children as well as attacking Engle. Engle, who underwent emergency surgery to alleviate pressure in her brain from the attack and had to go through eight weeks of rehabilitation, was Brents’ last victim before he was caught near Glenwood Springs. Brents was sentenced to more than 1,300 years in prison in July. Arapahoe County is also named in the original notice; however, no settlement has been offered. Engle says she intends to go forward with a potential suit against Arapahoe County.