Bonsall, Brian_Dec09mugBrian Bonsall, who played Michael J. Fox’s younger brother, Andy Keaton, on the 1980s TV series “Family Ties,” told a Boulder County judge yesterday that he hopes to work out a plea agreement with prosecutors after his arrest for allegedly assaulting a friend on December 5. “I don’t really know what happened,” Bonsall, 28, said (via Boulder’s Daily Camera). “I’d gone up to my best friend’s house and was intoxicated with alcohol and blacked out.” Bonsall, who faces a felony second-degree charge and is suspected of violating his probation in a 2007 case in which he assaulted his girlfriend, was released on December 21 after posting $7,500 in bond. His alcohol problem, he says, has “obviously been ongoing” for years, explaining other brushes with the law. “I’m going to curb this problem of mine and try and live out my dream of playing music,” Bonsall says. He hopes to plead to a lesser charge of third-degree assault and receive additional probation at a January 15 hearing, according to his attorney.