Silly me. I blew off the Bar Luxe opening party last night, thinking I’d stay in and have a quiet night with hubby, and hit the new lounge tonight instead. But I forgot about Rule # 1 in hubby’s schedule. I cannot make any other plans during football playoffs, especially if it involves the Broncos. Like, duh, right? Well, I forgot. I’m a crappy fan.

So. Clearly, sipping martinis at a chichi Cherry Creek lounge is just not gonna happen tonight. Especially since our clothing (his for sure, mine maybe) will be of the orange-and-blue variety, rather than the all-white look for Bar Luxe. Instead, we’ll be slumming it in the ‘hood with our neighbors and fellow fans, probably hitting The Spot for burgers, beer, and Broncomania.

Bar Luxe will simply have to wait.