When your Denver-based business has “Seattle” anywhere in the moniker you ought to change it, at least this week, or it may be bad for business. The crew at the Seattle Fish Company—the Rocky Mountain supplier of fresh seafood from the West Coast—quickly recognized the need to support the blue and orange and began the hunt for a new name.

Derek Figueroa, the company’s COO, said the employee-driven idea for a name change was thrown out to the social media community, which came up with a plethora of ideas. But one stuck: Mile High Fish Company. “You don’t have to be a super fan, but the Super Bowl is really bringing the community together,” Figueroa said. “It our way to show state pride.”

The change includes tweaks in logos, truck signage, phone answering services, email signatures, and the website (www.milehighseafood.com). Figueroa says that the transformation will only last until the Super Bowl has wrapped up. We know Denver may not be well-known for its fresh fish market, but we think if the Broncos win that the name change should stick.

—Image courtesy of the Mile High Fish Co.

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