“Cranberry’s” is the name of the new weekly hip hop event on Fridays at Lotus nightclub, and it’s off to a helluva start. The first week drew more than 1,000 scenesters, and it looks like it will only get better; seems like it’s become the place to be for some of Denver’s sports stars.

Tonight, two former Denver Broncos players will be hangin’ in the VIP Karma Lounge for a send off party. Kenoy Kennedy and Rueben Droughns, along with their respective party posse and well-wishers, will take over the lounge to send them both off in style. Kennedy is off to Detroit, Droughns to Cleveland, so head down to the club tonight to help them remember Denver as the cool city we know it to be.

You’ll have to pony up the dough if you want VIP access, but mix tape icon and producer Tony Touch will be behind the turntables tonight, so even regular club access is going to be quite a scene.