My fiance and I appear to have hit the invite stage of wedding planning. But it seems we might be well-served in having other information gathered first—like, say, knowing where to point our guests to book a hotel room.

Considering such details can make you realize: 1) how little you have in order, and 2) how many of these details need to be organized and cross-referenced. At this point of the planning process you either dive in and organize, or decide it’s time to hit Vegas and elope.

For those of us willing to sort out the details, is a way to help keep our blood pressure down while we do it. The Web site offers a variety of free tools, from budget planning to a task calendar to guest-list planning—and they all connect to help keep you organized.

Even better? It’s a locally owned business, started by two grooms. The idea came from one of their brides, who became frustrated looking for online organizational tools to plan her wedding.

The site launched last March and currently touts 14,000 user-brides. Also in the works is a premium site for brides, which will cost $7.95 per month and will offer additional services, like personalized wedding Web sites.