If you’re a burger fanatic, you know how long we Coloradoans have begged for an In-N-Out Burger franchise to set up shop in our state. Though the company hasn’t heeded our calls (yet), other chains have been listening. Enter BurgerFi, an East Coast favorite that recently opened its first Colorado location in the Golden Triangle.

Monogrammed buns—every sandwich bears the BurgerFi brand seared onto its lid—are the first sign this joint takes its burgers seriously. But it’s what’s between the bread that really tells the story: All natural, free-range Angus beef stars as the base, while stacked combos, including the Breakfast All Day (maple syrup–drizzled hickory bacon, hash browns, American cheese, grilled onions, and a fried egg) stand out on the menu.

Add to that perfectly seasoned skin-on fries, onion rings so big they dwarf the burger on the plate, and frozen “concretes” that layer creamy vanilla custard with your choice of red velvet cake, key lime pie, or peanut butter–chocolate brownie.

All the better: Grab a frosty draft or bottle from the strong list of craft beers, or order a glass of wine—even In-N-Out can’t offer you that.

1147 Broadway, Unit 101, 720-390-5046