President Bush campaigned in Greeley today with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at his side. Bush’s theme was the war on terror, though no mention was made of the missing explosives in Iraq which has been the big political story of the day.

The event was opened by a chaplain who told the crowd:

“I’m proud to be in a country whose leader believes in prayer.”

The President spoke for 15-20 minutes, during which he put in a good word for Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, who is running against Democrat Stan Matsunaka, and was the primary sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment that would have outlawed gay marriage.

“I know you’re proud of the congresswoman from this district.”

Musgrave says she’s hoping the President’s visit will provide a boost for her campaign.

The President’s stop in Colorado is significant this close to Election Day. It means the state remains in play.

Bush won Colorado big in 2000, by 51 percent to Al Gore’s 42 percent. But a weak economy, the state’s growing Hispanic population and a competitive Senate race gave Kerry reason to give it another look, and he began last month targeting the state as one of a handful he hoped to steal from the Bush column.

Bush made a point today of asking Democrats to vote for him. Can there really be that many undecided voters left in Colorado? Probably not. Because Mr. Bush’s campaign speech did not touch any new areas or themes, the event was probably geared more to getting out the votes he has than winning new ones.